How to Turn a Bad Interview into a Positive Learning Experience

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Spectrum Staffing is comprised of top job recruiters in NJ, who are passionate about working with job seekers to help them achieve their goals. A common circumstance that can negatively impact job seekers’ confidence is when an interview for an opportunity they were excited about goes badly. But a bad interview is an opportunity in disguise – turn a bad interview into a positive learning experience with these tips:

Consider Your First Impression

Think about the way your interview started. What did you wear? How did you introduce yourself? What was your body language like? Consider if there is anything that stands out from that bad interviewer that you could change to make a better first impression. For example, perhaps you need to update your interview attire, practice your handshake, or hone your introduction.

Review the Questions

Since interview questions tend to be somewhat standard, if you dropped the ball answering in a bad interview, you can empower yourself to do better for the next attempt. Which questions in particular did you have difficulty answering? Brainstorm to consider how you could have answered them differently, such as by having specific past experiences in mind to support your responses. Then you can practice your revised answers so you’re better prepared for the next time they come up.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

If you want to bounce back successfully from a bad interview, commit to maintaining a positive attitude. Switch up your mindset from feeling like you failed, and instead remind yourself that it’s truly a learning experience. Interviewing is a skill that can be learned and improved – just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean that you aren’t intelligent, talented, or otherwise worthwhile.

Ask for Feedback

It’s difficult to be objective when performing self-assessments, and even if you’re able to be completely open-minded, you may not necessarily know what you could improve on with your interviewing. Gather feedback by asking for outside perspectives, such as the hiring manager that conducted the unsuccessful interview (although they may not be able or willing, it doesn’t hurt to ask in a professional, non-demanding manner) or other people in your professional network.

Move on from a bad interview and find new opportunities to pursue by teaming up with Spectrum Staffing. Our team of experienced job recruiters in NJ has been matching candidates with the available jobs from our clients for more than 25 years. Get started today – search our current available positions.

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