Should Your Team Rely on Video Interviews for Step 1 of the Interview Process?

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As a top engineering recruitment agency, Spectrum Staffing works with employers to help attract and screen potential candidates. In a quest to streamline the hiring process, many hiring managers are utilizing video interviews to screen potential candidates. Consider these factors to determine if your team should rely on video interviews for step one of the interview process:


Makes Scheduling Easier

Since candidates won’t have to travel to you for video interviews, it can make it less challenging to schedule the interviews since it won’t be as much of a time commitment.

Access to More Candidates

Video interviews allow you the chance to cast a wider net and meet with more candidates than you may be able to if you were conducting in-person interviews. Non-local or passive candidates may be more likely to agree to a video interview.

Lowers Cost

Costs associated with in-person interviews, from travel reimbursements to covering lunch tabs, can be avoided with video interviews. Your budget can be saved for the candidates who advance to the next round in the hiring process.

Takes Less Time

Traditional interviews can be more time-consuming than intended. Video interviews cut down on time used for physical set up and small talk before and after the interview.

See Body Language

Many benefits of video interviews may also apply to phone screenings, but what sets apart video is the ability to see candidates’ body language. It can be difficult to form an overall impression of candidates based on voice only, so video can prevent misinterpretation.


Technical Issues

There is always the possibility of technical issues when you’re dealing with video interviews. This could include problems with connectivity, audio, or equipment that can take time to deal with and be flustering to candidates.

Personal Discomfort

Interviews, in general, tend to make candidates anxious, but knowing they are on video (or seeing themselves, depending on the video interview model used) can make them uncomfortable. That personal discomfort could prevent candidates from making their best impressions.

Required Equipment

With phone interviews, candidates only need find a quiet spot and have their phone handy. On the other hand, video interviews require more equipment, including a computer with a webcam and microphone, and video conferencing software, which can be a hassle or expense for candidates.

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