Is Your Team Relying on Social Media to Generate Job Applications?

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Spectrum Staffing Services is one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ and, through our more than 25 years, we’ve witnessed firsthand the fundamental changes in talent acquisition. Social media has grown to become a major part of the hiring process, such as for informal screening but especially for attracting candidates. As beneficial as social media can be for extending a far reach and getting noticed, it should play a part of your overall strategy but not be the only method. Learn more about why your team shouldn’t rely on social media to generate job applications.

Personal Connection

While social media can be a great way to initially mine for prospects, recruiters should aim to transition to an actual phone call or face-to-face meeting. Forming a personal connection makes prospects more likely to consider your pitches.

Privacy Concerns

Unless a prospect’s social media is explicitly used in a professional context, there may be issues with privacy concerns if your team is mainly using social media for recruiting. While candidates typically welcome or at least accept outreach from recruiters on LinkedIn, they may not appreciate recruiters seeking them out on other more personal social media sites.

Potential for Bias

With social media, your team will very likely know candidates’ ethnicity, age, marital and family status, and maybe even religion or other affiliations. The more you know about potential candidates prior to considering them for jobs, the higher the risk, or at least the appearance, of inadvertent bias.

Limited Pool

Not everyone is active on social media. Focusing solely on social media for recruiting purposes leaves out a significant number of prospects that you could be missing out on reaching.

Lack of Official Channels

Conducting the bulk of the recruiting process on social media may make it more difficult to be as thorough because it’s outside of official channels. It’s important for your team to get prospects into your applicant tracking or candidate relationship management system as soon as possible in order to keep accurate records.

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