Five Pieces of Career Advice Every Recent Graduate Needs to Hear

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As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has a great deal of experience with candidates from all levels, from management to those just stepping into the workforce. As a hiring manager, taking a chance on a recent graduate can be an investment that pays off significantly – or it could have negative results due to their lack of professional experience and knowledge of workplace norms. However, with some coaching, recent graduates can fulfill their potential.

Here are five pieces of career advice every recent graduate needs to hear.

Perfect Your Resume

A well-done resume is key for new grads to get their foot in the door. Creating their resume is not a one-time project. Each time they apply for a specific job, they need to be prepared to tweak their resume in order to highlight the most relevant qualifications.

Embrace Networking

A personal recommendation or a word-of-mouth publicized job opening increases the likelihood of any candidate getting consideration, but especially so for recent grads who don’t have a great deal of work experience. In order to receive job leads, however, they have to be willing to step out of their comfort zone and build their contacts by embracing networking, including online and in-person events.

Scrub Your Online Reputation

Hiring managers are increasingly researching candidates online, and if they find inappropriate or unprofessional content, it can take candidates right out of the running. Before a job search, new grads should take the time to ensure their online reputations are squeaky clean by researching themselves, seeing what pops up, and deleting anything that could portray them in a negative manner.

Learn From Failure

All workers need to know how to bounce back from mistakes, but new grads are in a crucial time in their professional lives where they can set the foundation for a successful career marked with resilience – or one in which they let themselves get held back. Making all the right choices isn’t what’s important, but rather being able to step back, objectively review the situation, and determine what to learn in order to do better.

Remain Consistent

Whether it’s finding a new job or any other professional goal, the key to success is to remain consistent. Taking small actions on an ongoing basis will yield better results than waiting until a large chunk of time can be devoted to it. Recent grads will thank themselves down the line if they commit to remaining consistent with pursuing their goals, rather than trying to wait until the timing is ideal.

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