The Differences in Preparing for a Phone Interview and an In-Person Interview

Preparing for a Phone Interview | Spectrum Staffing Services

Spectrum Staffing is an engineering recruiting agency that many job seekers turn to as a resource. While we can match you with potential opportunities, it’s up to you to ace the interviews and make a positive impression. Successful interviews typically rely on thorough preparation; however, the best practices will depend on whether you’re participating in a phone or in-person interview. Check out these key differences in preparing for a phone interview versus an in-person interview.


With an in-person interview, you have to mainly focus on finding directions for the interview location, giving yourself enough time to make it there and find parking. However, the logistics of a phone interview require a bit more preparation than just picking up your phone. You have to find your own location to conduct the interview, ensuring that it’s quiet with no distractions and excellent reception so you can focus and the interviewer can clearly hear you.

Response Strategy

Since phone interviews typically function as more preliminary screenings than the more in-depth nature of in-person interviews, you will need to tweak your response strategy accordingly. Be prepared with more concise answers for your phone interview, since there likely won’t be as much allotted time, and then have more expanded responses with supportive examples for your in-person interview.


Communication goes far beyond the words that you say. Verbal and body language play a major role in how you’re perceived in job interviews, which is important to keep in mind for your phone and in-person interview strategies. Since the phone interview will rest solely upon your verbal communication, make it a point to sound more upbeat and enthusiastic than perhaps you would in person, since the interviewer can’t see you smiling. For in-person interviews, focus on your body language by practicing your handshake, eye contact, and posture to convey confidence.


Preparing materials for an in-person interview usually consists of having extra resumes on hand for the interviewers and in case you need it for reference, but that’s about it. On the other hand, the major benefit of a phone interview is the additional material you can prepare – notes with your main points. While this would be out of place for an in-person interview, some brief notes of key points you want to make can be useful for you to refer to during a phone interview and help ensure you make the most of the limited opportunity.

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