How to Boost Your Career and Set Yourself Apart From the Countless Others Applying for the Same Job

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Spectrum Staffing is comprised of top staffing professionals in NJ, who regularly work with job seekers who are struggling with a common issue: getting noticed by hiring managers when they are up against the steep competition in the form of dozens (or even hundreds!) of other applicants. While challenging, it can be done if you act strategically. Here’s how to boost your career and set yourself apart from other applicants:

Identify What Makes You Unique

If you don’t know what sets you apart from other candidates, it’s not reasonable to expect a hiring manager to be able to realize it with a preliminary scan of your resume. In order to stand out, you have to identify exactly what makes you unique, whether it’s a particular combination of skills or out-of-the-ordinary work or educational history. Once you know why you’re different than other candidates, then you can focus on communicating that point to hiring managers in your application materials.


Tailor Your Application Materials

To prevent getting lost in the sea of resumes and cover letters, it’s essential to do what many other candidates won’t: tailor your application materials for each specific job. Don’t just upload your standard resume and submit. Instead, carefully review the job posting and compare it to your own qualifications, and then rearrange your resume in order to put your most relevant bullet points at the top, and remove ones that aren’t related.

Communicate Your Value

Stand out amongst countless other applicants by using your cover letter and any in-person interview to communicate the value you would add if hired, rather than focusing on why you’re qualified or how much you want it. Frame your communication by conveying the benefit to the company and how you would help them achieve their goals, rather than using it as an opportunity to brag about how you’re a perfect fit. Remember: it’s not about how bad you want the job, it’s about showing the hiring manager why it would be beneficial to them if you’re hired above others.

Understand the Organization

In order to develop the most compelling content in your cover letter or most persuasive interview responses, you have to be able to understand the perspective of the organization. Get to know your audience by doing research to learn as much about the company as possible. Review their mission statement, social media, and press coverage to get a sense of their organizational goals and pain points, and include that information when discussing the job and your qualifications.

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