Three Ways to Make Your Contract Employees Feel Like an Integral Part of the Team

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One of Spectrum Staffing’s top services offered is engineering recruitment, and often clients are looking for short-term employees, rather than permanent ones.

While contract employees offer many advantages, including specific expertise or necessary coverage, a possible issue is they may not feel as welcomed, and therefore, not as engaged with their work or comfortable in their workplace. Learn more with these three ways to make your contract employees feel like an integral part of the team:

Avoid Separation

A common scenario for workplaces that hire on contract workers is to put them together in their own area or to limit what meetings or emails in which they are included. While the intent may be to not bother them with seemingly extraneous information, it can inadvertently create a division of contract employees as being totally segregated from the rest of the team. Avoid separation as often as possible by including your contract employees in the mix of your permanent staff as much as possible. Seat them with your employees, have them sign office birthday cards, come to staff meetings, etc.

Include Contract Employees in Events

Take some initiative and invite your contract employees to any workplace social activities, and encourage them to come. Extending the invitation for casual lunches out, informal happy hours, or training, can help them feel like they are respected as a real member of the team. Plus, getting to know them better allows you the opportunity to form professional connections that can be mutually beneficial in the future, if full-time spots do open up.

Express Your Appreciation for Contract Employees

Just because contract employees are being paid to be there and perform a job doesn’t mean that the relationship has to be solely business and transactional. Make it a point to clearly express your appreciation for the work they are performing. Describe the specific value they are adding and how it is helping the organization accomplish its goals. A simple thank you takes so little time or effort, but can make a major impact on the morale for your contract employees.

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