How to Properly Balance Productivity and Fun in the Office During the Warm Summer Months

Workplace Fun and Productivity

Spectrum Staffing is one of the leading staffing agencies in NJ, with more than 25 years of experience working with job seekers. A common dilemma workers of all levels tend to experience is how to get work done once warm weather and its accompanying fun hits. It can be difficult to stay motivated when colleagues are in and out of the office for vacations. Learn more about how to properly balance productivity and fun in the office during the warm summer months.

Create a Plan

Keep yourself on track by creating a plan that includes both the work and fun things you want to accomplish this summer. Prioritize tasks and then schedule them out with timelines to hold yourself accountable and ensure that you have an optimal balance of productivity and fun.

Organize Your Workspace

Whether you’re struggling for motivation or wanting to preemptively avoid doing so, set aside some time to tidy up and organize your workspace. This is beneficial because: 1.) it is likely something you’ve been putting off anyway and 2.) it is significantly easier to focus and be productive if physical clutter isn’t distracting you and you’re able to find what you need right away.

Take Breaks

Having something to look forward to makes it easier to focus and be productive, so make it a point to take breaks occasionally. This includes both during your workdays (such as going out to lunch at a place you enjoy or saving a great book for break time) as well as your personal time (such as planning a vacation or fun day).

Think to the Future

To avoid the “summer slump” it’s essential to get yourself out of the instant gratification mindset and think longer term. You can do so by setting goals you’d like to accomplish by the end of the summer, quarter, or year. Having milestones to aim toward can help you remain focused, and still be able to have time for fun since you know you’re on a productive track.

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