Three Strategies That Will Lead to Your Most Productive Workday in Weeks

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Spectrum Staffing is among the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, and our main focus when working with our clients is to offer solutions that help them make their businesses run smoothly. Many managers struggle to have their accomplishments match their effort – often their workdays are so busy, and yet at the end of the day, they feel like they have nothing to show for it. Here are three strategies that will lead to your most productive workday in weeks:

Identify the Most Important Task

The most productive people are intentional, rather than reactive. To take control of your day, identify the most important task you want to accomplish and schedule your day around that. This will help you focus and not get overwhelmed by trying to juggle multiple tasks (and not get any of them done). If lower priority issues pop up, you will objectively know to deal with them at another time (such as when you’re taking a break from your main priority) and prevent yourself from spending your day on things that don’t lead to results.

Be Aware of Your Time

Often people don’t realize how much time they truly spend on tasks. Figure out where your time is going so you can make more mindful decisions on how to spend it. Consider tracking how much time you spend on specific tasks – it may surprise you how much time you spend responding to emails or taking “quick breaks” online. Tracking your time helps you become more aware of it, so you can figure out where to impose limits and utilize those pockets of time in a more efficient way.

Recap the Day

Maximum productivity is often a work in progress. At the end of each day, set aside a few minutes to recap the day, including what you accomplished and any distractions you encountered. Then, review your recap and think about what tweaks you could make for the next day to improve your productivity. For example, was there a certain time of day when you found it more difficult to focus? Perhaps tomorrow, you allocate that time for less mentally intensive tasks, such as returning calls or emails.

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