The Key to Identifying if a Situation is a Career Obstacle or Opportunity

Career Opportunity vs Career Obstacle

Spectrum Staffing is an engineering staffing agency comprised of a team of passionate recruiters whose mission is to help job seekers find the opportunities from our extensive list of clients that are right for them. Career paths are rarely without bumps. Some setbacks may be obstacles holding you back, while others are opportunities for you to grow and succeed. Check out the key to identifying if a situation is a career obstacle or opportunity.

Does it Align With Your Ultimate Goals?

A major influential factor in determining if a situation is an obstacle or an opportunity is how well it aligns with your ultimate career goals. Will working through the challenge get you closer to achieving your overall goals, or is it so unrelated that you’re better off figuring out a way to remove yourself from the obstacle? For example, making a mistake in a project you headed up may be an opportunity to overcome adversity and put you in a better position to be a manager someday. Alternatively, if your boss doesn’t give you constructive feedback or is otherwise incompetent, that could be an obstacle holding you back from gaining the experience to develop.

Will it Help You Learn Something?

Another way to differentiate between an obstacle and an opportunity is if it offers you a chance to learn something that you otherwise would not have. Any knowledge you can gain will generally help you somehow in your professional life. For example, if a job interview goes poorly, it may be an opportunity for you to learn how to better prepare for an interview.

Does it Allow You to Hone a Soft Skill?

Even if a situation doesn’t seem directly related to your career growth, it may be an opportunity if it allows you to hone a soft skill. Soft skills are personal traits that help you become a more marketable employee, such as adaptability, perseverance, accepting constructive criticism, or handling conflict appropriately. If a situation offers nothing but stress or negativity, it is likely to be an obstacle from which you should try to remove yourself.

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