Common Mistakes You’re Making in a Meeting (Without Realizing It!)

If you’re in the process of searching for finance jobs in NJ, it’s an opportune time to take a look at your current professional behavior and reflect on how you can improve it in order to build a positive reputation in your future endeavors. One area in which employees and leaders alike tend to mistakes is during meetings – and in the average workplace, there’s a lot of meetings and therefore, many opportunities for mistakes. Learn more about the common mistakes you’re making in a meeting (without realizing it!):

Strolling In Last Minute

Coming into the meeting right when it’s scheduled to begin not only doesn’t give you time to prepare, it can send a message that you don’t respect the time of the person running the meeting or the importance of the meeting itself. Make it a point to get to meetings a few minutes early so you are ready to go when it starts.

Not Reviewing the Agenda

When you’re invited to a meeting, it generally means that you are expected to be an active contributor. If you don’t review the agenda ahead of time, you won’t be in a position to bring value to the meeting because you’ll just be speaking offhandedly. Present yourself in the best manner possible by knowing what the meeting is about and carefully considering what questions, thoughts, or ideas you could bring to make it productive.


As tempting as it can be to take advantage of the “downtime” during a meeting, checking emails, sending text messages, and other multitasking can reflect negatively on you. By not paying attention, it can come across as disrespectful to the presenter or whoever is speaking at the time. When you attend meetings, you are not there to fill a chair – you should be focused on listening, gathering new information, and contributing to the end goal.

Incorrectly Interjecting

The structure of most collaborative meetings means that it’s likely that you may need to interject in order to pose a question or otherwise contribute to the conversation. If you spend the whole time waiting to be called upon or for the perfect opportunity to speak up without interrupting, you likely will end up silent. However, ensure you are interjecting as politely as possible, and not aggressively cutting people off. Wait until they finish their sentence or thought before you proceed, and only do so when you have something relevant to say – i.e., no talking just for the sake of talking.

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