The Guide to Managing a Team When YOU Work Remotely

As a top engineering recruitment agency over the past 25 years, Spectrum Staffing has worked with leaders in a variety of organizations and witnessed the changes in the work environments, as remote work as become more commonplace. As a manager, a remote team brings forth its own specific set of challenges, since it requires more trust due to the additional autonomy of employees. Learn more with this guide to managing a team when you work remotely:

Establish Clear Expectations

Communication is especially crucial when you can’t drop in and meet with your employees face-to-face during shared work hours. Establish clear expectations on the results you want to see, deadlines, modes of communication, response times, hours they should be accessible, and more. This will reduce any confusion and give remote workers a clear consensus on how they are performing.

Incorporate Video

Forming connections with your remote team can be challenging since you don’t see them in person on a regular basis. Add a more personal touch to your remote meetings by incorporating video conferencing whenever possible. Seeing your employees’ faces can foster a closer professional relationship between you and your team, even without ever being in the same room.

Check In Regularly

Keep tabs on your remote team by scheduling recurring one-on-one meetings to check in on them. This will give you the opportunity to receive progress updates, answer questions, and solidify the relationship between you and your direct reports.

Acknowledge Their Contributions

While employees, in general, want to feel like their efforts are valued by their managers, it is especially important to ensure you are acknowledging the contributions of your remote team. The physical separation can make it easy to forget that you’re dealing with a real person, so make it a point to express your appreciation for a job well done.

Get to Know Them

Remote work can be much more conducive to productivity than being in a shared physical workspace due to the lack of disruptions. However, the small talk and chitchat that occurs in person can be a way to establish trustworthy working relationships that facilitate more effective teamwork. As a remote manager, avoid being efficient to a fault, and allow time for personal conversation so you and your employees can get to know each other.

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