Question: How Can We Improve Our Employee Wellness Program?

Spectrum Staffing is among the most experienced temp agencies in NJ, and a common issue that hiring managers focus on for productivity, retention, and recruitment is employee wellness programs. When employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy, it benefits their employers through reduced absenteeism, more focused work, and increased job satisfaction. Unfortunately, not all employee wellness programs are as effective as they could be. Improve your employee wellness program with these tips:

Limit One-Off Activities

For wellness initiatives to make a real difference, they need to be consistent and ongoing. Limit the amount of one-off activities your program promotes, such as health assessments or inviting guest vendors or health experts. These activities don’t tend to be as effective because health issues are much deeper than employees being educated – they need encouragement on a regular basis to implement necessary changes, not just told what they need to improve.

Provide More Tools and Resources

Most of your employees probably have an idea of what health issues they need to work on for their own benefit, but they may need the support to actually do so. To make your employee wellness program the best it can be, provide tools and resources to help educate employees on the practical steps they can take to implement necessary changes.

Integrate It Into Strategic Vision

Do you have a clearly defined answer to why you have an employee wellness program? The most effective employee wellness programs are typically tied into the overall strategic vision of your company and the culture you want to cultivate. Clarify how you want your employee wellness initiatives to tie into your mission, and then ensure the offerings align with it.

Give Employees a Voice

If you want to know what you could be doing to improve your employee wellness program, go straight to the most authoritative source: your employees themselves. Solicit feedback from them to determine what they find most helpful currently, what could be improved, and any other ideas they have that would be beneficial to them.

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