In Which Ways Can You Talk to Your Boss About Adjusting Your Scheduling to Manage Back to School Season?

Spectrum Staffing is one of the go-to mechanical engineering recruitment agencies for job seekers looking for new opportunities. A common reason employees look for a new job is because their current one doesn’t allow for the necessary work-life balance, especially for those with children in school. However, since the job market is so favorable to employees currently, employers are often very willing to offer schedule flexibility to keep their workers happy and prevent them from leaving. Check out these ways in which you can talk to your boss about adjusting your scheduling to manage back-to-school season.

Review Official Company Policy

Before you approach your boss, do your research. Review your company’s employee handbook to see if there are any policies in place regarding schedules. This will help you know how much flexibility you have and if it’s likely to be a well-received request, or if you’ll need to be prepared to more emphatically state your case.

Ask Others Around the Workplace

Another way to determine the best way to approach your boss about changing your schedule is to ask your colleagues if they have ever done so and how it went. It can prepare you for the likely reaction, and help you find out what schedule situations have been implemented in the past, so you know what’s been commonly accepted in the past.

Determine Exactly What You Want to Ask

Narrow down exactly what you want to ask for – do you want to work fewer total hours, shift your schedule to come in or leave at a different time, work from home? The more specific you make your scheduling change request, the more likely it is that your manager will give it serious consideration.

Be Prepared with Solutions

Anticipate possible issues that your schedule change could cause, so that you are prepared to address them with solutions to your boss. Will you ask someone to cover for you, come in earlier to get tasks done, work from home later in the evening, etc.? Being prepared with solutions can make your boss feel more comfortable agreeing to your request.

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