The Guide to Forming Professional Relationships with Your Team to Improve Daily Productivity

As one of the top recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing works with clients across industries to help them with their business objectives. Since we also work with job seekers, we are able to gain access to the mindsets and challenges that both sides face. Often the main factor that negatively impacts productivity is a lack of relationship between leadership and employees. Learn more about how forming professional relationships with your team to improve daily productivity with this guide:

Consistent Communication

Relationships can’t be forced, but rather are built slowly over time through regular interaction. Prioritize consistent and varied communication with your team, such as scheduled check-ins, quick informal emails, and casual, non-work related chitchat. Not only does the ongoing communication build trust, it also makes you accessible for answering any questions or addressing concerns that may be affecting your team’s productivity.

Working Side-by-Side

Pitching in on lower level tasks occasionally can go a long way toward helping form relationships with your team. It makes you more relatable since it shows you don’t think you’re too good to “get your hands dirty.” Plus, it gives you an opportunity to get to know them in a more balanced setting and see how they work.

Open Door Policy

Feedback from your employees is crucial if you want to improve daily productivity. Enact an open door policy so employees know they can feel comfortable coming to you. Since they are the ones handling tasks and processes on a regular basis, they are your best sources of information about what’s optimal and what could be improved.

Acts of Kindness

A common reason employees aren’t engaged in their work and going above and beyond is because they don’t feel appreciated. Show that you value their contributions and care about them as team members by performing small acts of kindness. This could be as simple as writing a nice note complimenting a job well done, treating them to lunch, or acknowledging their personal milestones, such as birthdays.

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