Noticing a Fall Slump? Motivate Your Team to Succeed with These Strategies

Spectrum Staffing is proud to be among the first choices for pharmaceutical recruitment agencies for employers throughout the nation. During the fall time, many employers find motivation slacking as employees are in that lull period between summer fun and the holiday season. Get your productivity back on track – check out these strategies to motivate your team out of a fall slump:

Direct Their Internal Drive

True motivation comes from within, and managers can’t force employees to change their way of thinking. However, as a manager, you do have the opportunity to direct their internal drive and help them know what to focus on and why it’s beneficial. Often slumps set in because employees are working on the same tasks day in and day out and don’t have anything new to strive toward. Set new, specific goals so they have a fresh new outcome on which to focus.

Tailor to Individual Preference

Motivating factors can vary for your employees, so instead of trying to find one overall solution, focus on tailoring to individual preferences. Some employees may be motivated by friendly competition, others may prefer an incentive or helping the company reach a strategic goal by year-end. Talk to your employees and present some options and see what they prefer.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

Employees may stop working as hard if they feel it’s for no reason. Hoist them out of their fall slump by making them feel appreciated. Let them know how their work is valued, and thank them for their efforts. Once they know their work has a purpose, they may be more likely to be engaged and want to work hard.

Ask for Their Input

Are you still struggling to figure out what will get your team out of their fall slump? Then ask them! Be direct. Say you’ve noticed a change in motivation, that you understand that it can happen from time to time, but you want to work together to overcome it. Ask for their input on what they think will help and brainstorm ideas until you come up with the best solutions for your team.

Attract motivated and qualified employees to join your team by working with Spectrum Staffing Services. We are one of the top pharmaceutical recruitment agencies in NJ and have been working with employers in NJ and beyond by providing a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.