Four Signs You’re Getting Worn Down and Need a Break from Work

Signs of Employee Burnout | Spectrum Staffing Services

Spectrum Staffing works with job seekers looking for contract employment in NJ. A common reason they are looking for new opportunities is that they are so overworked at their current jobs and are at the point of burnout.

Ambition and strong work ethic are optimal traits for success, but if you don’t take time away from work, your well-being will suffer.

Here are four signs you’re getting worn down and need a break from work.

Change in Mood

If you notice yourself getting more irritable with your coworkers or more prone to get emotional over day-to-day basic work stresses, it may be time to get away from work for a while. Not only will you feel better mentally, but it can help you maintain your professional reputation by allowing you to refresh before you have an outburst or get into conflict you regret.

Trouble Sleeping

The quality of your sleep directly impacts your personal health and your professional performance. Having trouble sleeping, whether it’s due to excessive working hours or tossing and turning because you’re thinking about work, is a major sign that some rest and relaxation is necessary. Otherwise, you increase your risks of getting ill or injured and needing to be away from work anyway.

Lack of Motivation

Finding it difficult to get motivated at work is the precursor to needing a break – but once you start feeling that way outside of work as well, it’s a definite sign of needing time to completely recharge away from work. It’s normal to go through phases where you’re not as engaged in your work, but being unable to muster up the energy to take part in social activities or hobbies outside of work is a serious sign that you could be on the brink of burnout.

Declining Performance

Even if you still have the drive to succeed and don’t want to take a break because you’re enjoying your work, you’re only human and can only push yourself so far before your mind and body fight back. A decline in your performance, such as making more mistakes or forgetting deadlines, is a clear-cut sign that your current pace is unsustainable and time away is much needed.

Long-term burnout may be a sign that you need a new job or line of work. Turn to Spectrum Staffing Services to explore the possibilities of contract employment in NJ. Spectrum’s team of professional recruiting specialists will take the time to truly understand your goals and background, and match you with jobs that best align with your objectives and qualifications. Learn more – search Spectrum’s current open positions.