The Subtle Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for the Next Step in Your Career

As one of the leading providers of professional services in NJ, Spectrum Staffing is proud to serve as a resource for job seekers who are trying to progress in their career goals. If you want to move up and be given more responsibility, don’t just wait around and hope to get noticed. Empower yourself to get things moving by demonstrating to your boss that you are qualified for a promotion. Learn more about the subtle ways to show your boss you’re ready for the next step in your career.

Ask for Feedback

When you’re vying for a boost in responsibility, it’s crucial to master the basics of your current role first. Once you impress your boss by excelling at lower level tasks, they’ll start to see your potential at a higher level. After you complete projects, ask your boss for feedback and if there are any recommendations they have going forward. This demonstrates that you will go above and beyond.

Have a Positive Attitude

The higher you climb in a company, the more time and resources are invested in you. Show your boss that you’re committed to the organization and worth investing in by maintaining a positive attitude. Plus, positive people are simply more enjoyable to be around, which also can make your boss more likely to consider you for the next step. Make it clear that you’re engaged and content to show up to work each day, and approach stressful situations in a more productive, upbeat manner.

Become More Involved

If you want your boss to see you as a team player that is qualified for more responsibility, become more involved in work activities outside of your normal duties. Be the first to volunteer for extra tasks, attend more workplace social events, and be an enthusiastic participant. This gives you the chance to subtly show your boss that you have the interpersonal skills needed to be successful in a more senior role.

Focus on Problem Solving

The next step in your career will generally require going from an individual contributor to more becoming involved with the bigger picture goals of the organization. Make your boss see that you would be able to make that transition successful by focusing on problem-solving whenever possible. Offer solutions to issues, come up with new ideas and be as proactive as possible.

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