Navigating the School Year: How to Work with Your Team to Manage Sick Children and Needed Time Off

Navigating Work with a Sick Child at Home

As one of the top recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing serves as the go-to solution for employers balancing their staffing levels. Coverage can become difficult to plan out during the school year due to employees who may have sick children to handle. However, if you work on solutions ahead of time, it can make it more manageable for all involved. Learn more about how to navigate the school year and work with your team to manage time off to care for their sick children:

Schedule Flexibility

If possible, consider making your employees’ schedules more flexible to help with coverage during the school year. Often being able to come in later or leave earlier can help employees keep on top of their workload, even when their kids get sick. Having a schedule that is flexible may make it easier to coordinate with other caregivers to share the responsibility, so employees perhaps only have to miss half a shift, instead of the entire day.

Work From Home Options

Not all positions can be performed remotely, but if your company is able to logistically offer that option, it can be an effective option for employees with sick children. There’s often a lot of downtime for parents as their children are recovering from home, so if they are able to answer emails and perform other tasks, it can help keep workload on track.

Clear Expectations

Sometimes employees with sick children will simply not be available to work in any capacity, due to circumstances or the nature of their positions. Discuss your expectations ahead of time as to what you need from them when they call off. This may include them giving you a rundown of any time-sensitive tasks for the day or their plans for catching up on outstanding items when they return.

Contingency Plans

Be prepared for unexpected absences by having contingency plans in place to ensure proper coverage. Cross-train employees to serve as backup for key tasks so an employee’s absence doesn’t disrupt workflow. Another option is forming a relationship with a staffing agency to supply qualified temporary workers for times when you need short-term coverage, such as if an employee’s child gets ill with a condition with a longer recovery time.

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