In Which Ways Can You Address Scheduling with an Employee Who is Noticeably Working Massive Overtime?

Managing Employees Working OvertimeSpectrum Staffing offers professional services in NJ to help area companies with their employment needs. A common issue many managers face is how to properly balance staffing levels with the workload. While allowing limited overtime may be a useful strategy, often managers find that the majority of the overtime is worked by the same few people at an excessive and unsustainable level. Address scheduling with an employee who is working noticeably massive overtime by focusing on these factors.

Official Policies

If the company has official policies regarding overtime, first refer to those when discussing an employee’s overtime with them. This keeps the tone of the conversation informational rather than feeling confrontational to the employee. And if no official policy exists currently, at least offer some guidance on how you would like overtime to be utilized, such as checking with you in advance or having a limit in place for a particular period.

Performance Expectations

Get on the same page as your employee regarding your expectations of their performance. Communicate what results you want from them, and ask for their input on whether or not it’s doable for them without excessive overtime. This can help reduce the overtime they work if it’s because they think you expect a higher level of output than you actually do. It also allows you the opportunity to set your own expectations accordingly if the workload is too much for them to achieve without overtime.

Risk of Burnout

No matter how productive or ambitious an employee, it is simply not beneficial to the company or the employee if they become overworked due to too much overtime. The more overtime they work on a consistent basis, the higher their risk of burnout. Let your employee know that reducing their overtime is truly necessary for their own wellbeing as they could experience physical and emotional health issues from burnout.

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