A Look at the Common Traits All Great Bosses Share

Common Traits of Great Bosses

Job seekers utilize Spectrum Staffing Services as a resource to find professional opportunities, including contract employment in NJ. One of the top factors that contribute to job satisfaction is the type of boss you have. A mediocre or subpar boss can make an otherwise dream job unfulfilling or downright toxic, while a great boss can make you enjoy coming to work each day and motivated to succeed. Check out this look at the common traits all great bosses share:


The most effective leaders are able to consider other people’s perspectives and empathize with them. Bosses who are empathetic are typically great because they make decisions with their employees’ best interests in mind and treat them with respect since they take the time to consider how others feel.


Since bosses have the responsibility of making crucial decisions that can impact a lot of other people, the best ones tend to be perceptive. They pay careful attention to various existing factors and think critically about possible outcomes in order to make well-informed judgment calls, instead of random choices that could have unintended consequences that weren’t considered.


Bosses yield a lot more power than their employees, so there is the potential for them to act unethically, such as by taking credit for someone else’s work or disciplining some employees for actions they let slide in others they like better. However, the best bosses don’t take advantage of their authority and instead, act with integrity and treat everyone fairly so they can have a positive environment in which to work.


A boss’s main responsibility is to ensure their direct reports are performing at satisfactory levels. The best bosses understand they are working with human beings with emotions, and not machines, and therefore utilize positive reinforcement. They aim to encourage and motivate their employees to succeed, rather than doling out orders and ignoring or berating them if there are performance issues.


The bosses that employees generally like and respect the most are ones who are passionate about their work. Being around people who are genuinely enthusiastic is often infectious and can inspire others to feel more strongly motivated to go above and beyond. Passion in the workplace can make it easier to stay engaged and remember why the work has a greater purpose.

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