Coping with Stress at Work? Consider These Reasons to Work Out After Work to Relax!

Working Out After Work | Spectrum Staffing Services

Spectrum Staffing works with professionals to find NJ jobs and achieve their career goals. Work stress is a major reason why people decide to leave their jobs, but if you’re not at the point, you have the power to keep your stress under control with one simple solution: working out after work. When you’ve had a long hard day, the last thing you may want to do is work up a sweat, but it can pay off big time with how much better you feel in the immediate aftermath and long-term. Learn more about how exercise can help you relax after work:

Increases “Feel Good” Brain Chemicals

Although working out may result in some physical discomfort, it balances out by rewarding you with a more positive mental state. Physical activity can boost the release of neurotransmitters in your brain responsible for regulating your mood. These “feel good” brain chemicals tend to be released after physical exertion, so if you build after work exercise into your routine, you’ll likely be able to leave your work stress behind.

Distracts You From Ruminating

When you’ve had a bad day at work, it can be easy to fall into the trap of venting repeatedly to other people or ruminating over it nonstop in your mind. This keeps you reliving the stress, instead of moving on. Exercising after work can give you a chance to distract yourself and clear your mind.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

Work stress and lack of sleep are deeply connected. It can be a vicious cycle of a stressful day making it difficult for you to sleep, which in turn makes you more prone to errors or irritability the next day, and leads into another stressful day at work. Working out when you get off work (as long as it’s not within a few hours before bedtime) can improve your sleep quality and make you better prepared to handle work the next day.

Boosts Self-Confidence

If you get into the habit of regularly exercising after you get off work, you’ll start to see improvements in your physical stamina and strength. These physical improvements, combined with the feeling of satisfaction of sticking to a goal and achieving it, can give your self-confidence a significant boost. When you feel more confident in yourself overall, work stress may seem much more manageable and not get to you as much.

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