Looking Back on 2018: How to Share Your Departmental Success With Your Team to Motivate Them for 2019

As one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing is a go-to resource for area employers to find the most motivated candidates to join their teams. However, without strategic cultivation, that initial motivation new hires display can decline over time. An optimal time to renew your employees’ engagement is during the year-in-review when you share performance metrics. Here’s how to most effectively recap your department’s success in 2018 and get your team motivated for 2019:

Communicate Metrics

Be transparent with your employees and openly discuss specific metrics regarding your department’s performance. This can help to make seemingly removed statistics seem relevant to their everyday work. Giving actual numbers, especially how they relate to the company’s financial performance, can solidify to your employees how important their input truly is to the bottom line.

Discuss The Company’s Vision

Your employees are so focused on the day-to-day tasks they perform that they don’t consider how they make an overall impact. Keep their motivation up by showing how what they do connects to the company’s bigger picture. Discuss the overall vision the company wants to achieve, as well as the level that your department’s work helped make progress toward the end goal.

Specify Employee Contributions

Intrinsic motivation, in which employees work hard because they truly find personal fulfillment from it, generally is a result of feeling like their work has a purpose. As you share the objective results of your departmental success with your team, take the time to specify how valuable your employee’s contributions were to the outcome and what they can do to continue the success in 2019.

Solicit Feedback

Give your employees a chance to have their voices heard by asking for their feedback about 2018’s departmental performance. What are they proud of, and what do they think could be done differently? If they feel their input is encouraged and respected, they will be more likely to be motivated to work hard to achieve 2019’s goals.

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