Preparing for 2019: How Can You Prepare Your Mind to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever

Whether you’re looking to explore new NJ jobs or have other professional goals, the start of the New Year is an ideal time to go for it. The difference between those people who seem to effortlessly hustle and achieve their goals and those who fizzle out? Mindset. The first step to accomplishing your resolutions is to truly believe you can. Get into a success-oriented mindset to make 2019 your best yet with these tips:

Cultivate Inspiration

Are there particular activities, people, or places that get you inspired? Make a conscious effort to include more of what inspires you on a regular basis to get yourself in the mood to dream and be excited about your potential. Conversely, if there are people or things that bring you down, limit your exposure for your own benefit.

Focus on Positive Self-Talk

The thoughts you have about yourself can influence your success. If you don’t truly believe in yourself, your lack of self-confidence will show to other people and limit the opportunities you’ll be offered, or cause you to lose drive when you experience hardships. When you catch yourself thinking something negative (i.e., “I just can’t do it, this will never work”), make a conscious decision to refute it (“I have control over my success, I’ll keep trying new solutions”) or replace it with a positive mantra (“I am intelligent and hardworking, and will succeed as long as I don’t give up.”)

Define Your Purpose

If you want to be successful, you can’t rely on motivation to keep you going. Some days your goals seem out of reach, you’ve been rejected or made a mistake, you may not feel motivated to pursuing your goal. However, success happens through consistent action. To gain a success-oriented mindset, you need a greater purpose for why you’re trying to accomplish a particular goal. Ask yourself why you’re doing it, and clearly define that reason. Remind yourself of your purpose whenever you’re struggling with your mindset.

Visualize Your Goal Achievement

All goals typically begin as dreams, but you have to think it’s actually plausible that you will achieve it.  If deep down, you feel the chances are slim to none that you will be successful, you may self-sabotage or not put forth your all. To make your success feel within your reach in your mind, visualize yourself having achieved your goal. Be as specific as possible until you’ve formed a complete, realistic vision of yourself. It will go from seeming like an out of reach fantasy to something you can do.

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