Are You Managing Your Engineers Properly?

Spectrum Staffing offers professional services in NJ to help our clients make their businesses run smoothly by attracting top talent. When you’re a manager for technical, in-demand positions, like engineers, effective management is crucial to keep these highly skilled workers productive and satisfied with their jobs. Ensure you are managing your engineers properly by following these tips:

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key to managing employees in general, but it’s especially important when working with engineers. Due to the technical and project-based nature of their work, there’s the risk of a disconnect between you and your engineering team. Be transparent and keep them in the loop about expectations, and always be accessible so they can come to you with questions or concerns.

Listen To Them

Since your engineers have the specialized expertise, they are in the best position to provide you insight into whether certain timelines, processes, or requested features are realistic or doable. Actively listen to any feedback they give you – by being open-minded, you can learn about issues affecting productivity or the outcome of projects of which leadership may not be aware (and are easily solvable.)

Boost Productivity

A lack of productivity isn’t necessarily a motivation issue – it may be logistical and easily solved by implementations simple solutions. Ensure your engineers have the tools they need to succeed. Eliminate obstacles or inefficiencies that make their jobs more difficult or frustrating. Ask for input on their personal preferences for their work environments so they can be more “in the zone” and focused.

Relinquish Control

You hired your team of engineers because they have the expertise, so prevent stifling them. Back off and give them room to produce without your constant supervision or input. Micromanaging not only makes you less productive because you’re investing time in tasks your employees can handle, but it also sends the signal that you don’t trust them to be held accountable and perform at a high level. In turn, this may make your employees less engaged.

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