How to Ensure You Made the Right Hire

As one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing works closely with area employers across industries who share a common hiring challenge: dealing with the uncertainty of their hiring choices. Often candidates seem like they’ll be the ideal fit, only to struggle to acclimate and produce once hired. What’s the difference between normal growing pains that new employees will likely improve with experience, versus a bad hire that won’t work out? Here’s how to determine if you made the right hire:


Take a look at your new hire’s punctuality, attendance, and overall reliability. If there’s an early pattern of strolling in late, leaving early, calling off, or not doing what they need to be, it will likely only get worse over time. However, if your hire has shown themselves to be dependable, it’s a positive sign they will be a conscientious employee.

Core Skills

You can train the right person for some tasks, but ensure your new hire has the core skills necessary for the job to be a successful long term fit. For example, a salesperson who is timid or a customer service representative lacking empathy will have a difficult time performing since they lack the specific competencies for their roles.

Openness to Feedback

Pay close attention to how your new employee handles coaching and constructive criticism. If they are open to receiving feedback and using it to improve, that’s a sign they will be a worthwhile investment and continue to develop within the role.

Culture Fit

It takes time for new employees to acclimate within a new work environment and colleagues. However, it’s the effort that matters. New hires that take initiative to get to know their colleagues, such as by accepting lunch invitations and asking questions, are more likely to fit into the culture over time and remain committed to the organization.


New hires tend to be highly engaged at the beginning and take pride in going above and beyond to prove themselves and add value to the organization. To remain engaged over time, employees must have to have a deeper, more personal reason for wanting to perform well: passion. If you witness signs of passion for the job, industry, company, etc., you can feel assured the hire will likely work out.

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