Five Ways Linkedin Can Have a Major Impact on Your Job Search

Whether you’re searching for contract employment in NJ or have other job goals, Spectrum Staffing understands the challenges job seekers like you face when trying to find the right positions for which to apply. A quick and simple resource to add to your job search strategy is utilizing LinkedIn. Check out these five ways LinkedIn can have a major impact on your job search.

Expands Networking Opportunities

Connecting with other people improves your chances of landing a job because they can offer you insider knowledge, leads for available positions, or even personal referrals to hiring managers. LinkedIn makes it significantly easier to network with other people and build your professional circle. While not everyone has time to attend in-person networking events, LinkedIn is accessible at all times with opportunities for you to talk to other people in its groups, forums, and timeline posts.

Increases Your Visibility

When recruiters and hiring managers are looking for qualified candidates, their first stop is typically LinkedIn. All they have to do is enter in a few keywords to find prospects. By being on LinkedIn, you increase your visibility for recruiters and hiring managers to be able to reach out to you about jobs you may not even have known about otherwise.

Improves Your Credibility

With a cover letter and resume, you’re limited by the format regarding how much supporting information you can provide to show your qualifications. LinkedIn can impact your job search because it gives you the opportunity to highlight more of your achievements and skills by uploading your portfolio or expanding on your credentials. Your resume may intrigue hiring managers, and if they visit your LinkedIn profile after, they can feel confident that you’re as credible as you seem.

Allows You to Research

Once you land interviews, the best way to make a positive impression is by being as prepared as possible. Since LinkedIn is a gold mine of information on companies and professionals alike, you can do your pre-interview research. You will feel more confident and better able to tailor your responses to be more specific to the company.

Makes You More Accessible

LinkedIn makes it much easier to stay in touch with people because you don’t need to keep tabs on their most up-to-date contact information. You never know when a previous boss or coworker may have a job lead for which they think you’d be suited, but LinkedIn makes you more accessible for being contacted about possible opportunities.

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