Work Habits That You Need to Change

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Whether you are job searching for opportunities for contract employment in NJ or have other job search goals, there are standard best practices you should adhere to in order to be considered a top employee deserving of advancement. Certain bad behaviors may not be enough to get officially reprimanded, but they can negatively affect your reputation. Are these habits killing your daily productivity? Start climining the company ladder by eliminating the negative from your day-to-day!

Four Work Habits You Need to Eliminate

Winging It

No matter how seemingly successful you’ve been so far with showing up unprepared to interviews or meeting, eventually it will catch up to you and your boss or other influential people will notice. To succeed in your career, show the proper respect to the people hosting these events by taking the time to be prepared, such as reviewing the agenda or coming up with some key points or questions.

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Not Being Punctual

Strolling in five minutes late may not seem like a big deal, but it sets the foundation of you being seen by others as a person who is not conscientious, or even worse, who thinks their time is more important than other people’s. Devote your efforts to leaving earlier so you’re not regularly late for your workday or meetings.

Too Much Venting

It’s so common for colleagues to vent to one another about their frustrations in the workplace, but if you do it too often, you’ll start to be known as a negative complainer. Be more mindful of what you talk about during your interactions with others at work. Try to be stick to more neutral topics, and if the conversation turns to workplace dissatisfaction, try to either disengage or speak up with solutions.

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Putting Things Off

Procrastinating is a bad habit that benefits neither you nor your boss. Not only does rushing cause you to unnecessarily stress yourself out, but it’s likely the finished product you complete isn’t as good as it could have been if you had started earlier. Make it a point to set aside time as soon as you receive an assignment to create a plan by breaking down the project into smaller tasks and giving yourself a timeline.

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