The HR Professional’s Guide to Retaining Employees

Spectrum Staffing offers a variety of professional services in NJ, and through our close professional relationships with our clients, we are privy to the challenges they face. A typical issue human resources professionals deal with is employee retention. Replacing employees is time-consuming and costly, and while some instances of turnover are out of your hands, there are actions you can take to prevent losing workers. Learn more by reviewing these tips for how HR professionals can improve employee retention:

Establish Clear Expectations

Whether it’s feedback that comes as a surprise during their annual review, or just not knowing where they stand, a common source of frustration for employees is feeling like they don’t know what’s expected of them. Alleviate this issue by encouraging managers to offer real-time feedback, and communicate directly when they assign tasks.

Hold Managers to High Standards

The saying, “Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” holds a lot of validity. Even top performers who love their work and are passionate about the company’s mission will leave if they have ineffective managers. Ensure managers are held to high standards and regularly evaluated to prevent turnover.

Solicit Feedback and Act On It

Don’t wait until the exit interview to learn how the company could improve. Solicit employee feedback on a regular basis to determine if there are patterns that need addressed, then take steps to act on it before you lose your best employees.

Ensure Everyone is Treated Equally

Consistency in how employees are treated demonstrates your organization’s integrity. If situations are handled differently for different employees, it can be demoralizing and make them want to leave. All employees should be held to the same standards, so ensure any disciplinary actions are handled the same across the board.

 Encourage Time for Professional Development

If employees feel there is no room for advancement within your company, they are likely going to start looking for a new place to work. Prevent employees from seeing their roles as “dead-end jobs” by actively encouraging time for professional development, such as conferences or training.

Show Your Appreciation

If you want employees to give it their all to help the company achieve its goals, then that effort needs to be acknowledged and valued. Take time to show that employees’ contributions are appreciated, whether with official recognition awards or ceremonies, hosting fun activities, or offering incentives.

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