Five Uncommon Interview Questions That Will Keep Your Prospects on Their Toes

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As one of the go-to recruitment agencies in NJ for employers looking to find top talent for their open positions, Spectrum Staffing has a proven track record of effectively evaluating candidates. The interview is your best chance to gather information on candidates to help make the most informed decision; however, it can be difficult to learn much about candidates if you only use the same standard questions they’ve heard and prepared for many times. Dive deeper and learn more with these five uncommon interview questions that will keep your prospects on their toes:

If you could give a previous boss any advice, what would it be?

Learn more about a candidate’s work ethic, values, preferred work environment and management style, and more by asking how they think their previous bosses could improve. It could also hint at any potential red flags as well, depending on the response and tone.

Tell me about how you were in high school.

Candidates are likely prepared to discuss their work history, but may be thrown for a loop about discussing their personal past. However, what they were like in high school can provide some interesting insight into their personality traits and how their career interests were shaped.

What’s the last television show you watched and why?

Being an ideal fit for a position is about more than resume qualifications. Get to know candidates a bit more on a personal level and get a sense of how they would fit with company culture by asking about how they opt to spend their leisure TV time.

If you had to choose between turning something in that’s perfect but late, versus on time but just good, what would you choose and why?

Gain insight into a candidate’s decision-making process and work style with this question. The “right” response will vary depending on your company’s needs, but it will provide information into how they may need to be managed and their level of efficiency.

If you were able to start your own company, what would the culture be like?

Culture is a hugely influential factor in long-term success with a company. By delving into what their ideal workplace culture would be in their own company, you can ascertain if it aligns with your workplace and if it would be a mutually satisfactory arrangement if they were hired.

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