Is It Time To Review Your Hiring Process? 5 Things To Keep In Mind

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Spectrum Staffing is among the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, having collaborated with employers for their hiring needs for more than 30 years. From making bad hires to getting job offers turned down by top prospects, many hiring managers struggle with instances in which they are left wondering what went wrong. Often these situations may be out of their hands, but it’s always worthwhile to take an objective look at the hiring process to determine what’s working and what needs improvement. Keep these five things in mind as you review your hiring process.

Target Audience

When you have a job opening, do you end up filtering through a significant amount of unqualified applicants or settling for mediocre “good enough” candidates? Take some time to truly define your target audience, such as work history, technical skills, soft skills, personal attributes, etc. Once you know exactly who you should be targeting, you can try different ways of appealing to them as you develop your employer brand, craft job descriptions, and more.

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Are you posting your available positions on the same channels, such as a general job board or classified section? Broaden your horizons and consider other ways of spreading the word about your open jobs. For example, try niche industry-specific job boards, social media, or establishing a relationship with a staffing company.


Do you find that many of the candidates you invite to interview end up not having the basic qualifications, traits, or even authentic interest in the job?  Review the pre-screening steps of your hiring process to determine if there is more you can do ahead of time to separate top prospects from the rest, such as by more thorough phone interviews or pre-interview testing.


Historically, how indicative are candidates’ interview responses of long term success once hired? For example, if your bad hires have always given impressive interview responses, your questions may be designed in a way that makes it easy for them to be smooth talkers and tell you what they think you want to hear. Try out more behavioral based questions, such as requesting specific past examples, rather than hypothetical scenarios.


How do you make your final decision as you compare candidates? Avoid going with your gut and making subjective judgment calls by reviewing the evaluation criteria you use for making hiring decisions. Clarify the most important qualifications and traits, and then systematically assess each candidate against the same criteria to make the most objective decisions and prevent subconscious bias. If bad hires still occur, then perhaps there are different criteria that are more likely to be a sign of success.

If you’d like some expert advice regarding your hiring process or want to delegate it, turn to Spectrum Staffing Services. We are one of the top recruitment agencies in NJ and offer a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.