How Can You Make A Good Impression During An Interview?

Spectrum Staffing works with job seekers to find contract employment in NJ. As part of our mission to most effectively help candidates succeed, we use our expertise to provide guidance on how to best represent themselves to hiring managers. Make a good impression during an interview with these tips:

Prepare Metrics

Stand out from other candidates and leave a memorable impression by having objective metrics ready to quantify your accomplishments as you answer questions. Before the interview, think of your top achievements and make note of the supporting data (such as statistics, i.e., rankings, percentages, etc.) and have them top of mind so you can include them in your responses.

Be Punctual

Prepare ahead of time to know exactly where the interview location is and how long it will take to get there. Being late to an interview can make you seem like you don’t take the opportunity seriously, and make the hiring manager concerned about your conscientiousness.

Dress the Part

Your appearance plays a major role in the hiring manager’s immediate first impression. Even if you’re well-qualified, an unprofessional outfit or lack of grooming can distract from that. Research the dress code for the company and select attire that aligns with it so you look the part.

Have Materials Organized

The finer details matter when it comes to making a positive impression in an interview. Have your materials, such as extra copies of your resume, a notepad, and pen, organized and easily accessible. Scrambling to dig them out from the bottom of a messy bag can get you flustered and make you seem unprofessional.


Radiate a positive mood to set a great first impression. Make it a point to smile and make eye contact with everyone you come across, not just your interviewer. Not only will you seem like you’re excited to be there, but smiling may even impact your mood and help you feel less nervous and more upbeat.

Introduce Yourself with Confidence

First impressions are often formed within seconds, so make them count by introducing yourself with confidence. Don’t be passive – if possible, be the first one to introduce yourself and offer a firm handshake. Practice your greeting and body language ahead of time so you can deliver it naturally with ease when the time comes.

Ask Engaging Questions

Hiring managers look to the impression candidates give of their level of engagement during the interview as a main deciding factor. They don’t want to simply hire someone qualified – they also want someone who seems interested in the job and company and therefore, more likely to be committed. Show your enthusiasm for the role by asking relevant, thoughtful questions.

Express Your Gratitude

Politeness always counts in making a good impression. When the interview is over, sincerely express your gratitude for their consideration and taking the time to meet with you. Later, also follow up with a quick email reiterating your appreciation and letting them know it was nice to meet them.

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