Four Relatively Affordable Ways to Thank Each Member of Your Team This Holiday Season

Spectrum offers staffing support in New Jersey for employers who want to streamline their hiring process, while also landing the right candidates for their teams. Once you find top performers who also align with company culture, management must actively put forth the effort to maintain job satisfaction and prevent turnover. One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to retain your employees is through showing your appreciation – and what better time to do so than the holidays? Check out these four relatively affordable ways to thank each member of your team this holiday season:

Offer Flexibility with Time 

If your workload can swing it, there is perhaps no more valuable gift for your employees than that of additional time away from the office. Whether you offer an extra paid vacation day or even just letting them leave early, it won’t cost you much but will greatly benefit your employees, who likely have holiday plans or last-minute preparations they would love to be able to step away and handle. 

Treat Them to a Holiday Meal

The holiday season is an ideal time to add some festivity to your workdays. Treating your team to a catered holiday luncheon or nice dinner out not only shows you value their contributions, but it also helps solidify a positive culture by bringing your team together in a social environment where they can interact in a more casual, lighthearted manner. 

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Give Cash/Gift Card

Even if you don’t have the budget for large annual bonuses, you can still make your employees feel appreciated with the gift of cash or a gift card. Since holiday expenses can add up, even a nominal amount can help ease their financial burdens and be more useful to them (and easier for you!) than picking out gift items. 

Send a Handwritten Note

Thanking your employees in a way they find meaningful doesn’t have to cost money at all. Taking the time to send a handwritten note that is specific to each individual employee, in which you sincerely express your appreciation for the work they did and the value they add, will demonstrate to your team just how much you respect and appreciate them. 

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