How Might You Strengthen Your Personal Brand in 2020 to Become More Employable?

As one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has the privilege of working with job seekers and helping them accomplish their professional goals. If your goal for the new year is to land a new job, an effective investment is putting in the time and effort to develop and enhance your personal brand. Just like a company’s brand is what sets it apart from its competitors with similar offerings, an individual’s personal brand is what makes them different from others, such as skills and expertise. Strengthen your personal brand in 2020 to become more employable with these tips:

Identify Your Core Values and Strengths

The first step in developing your personal brand is defining what makes you unique. Identify your core values: what is most important to you personally and guides your professional philosophy? Examples of core values include: integrity, creativity, efficiency. Then, identify your professional strengths: what soft skills or technical areas of expertise do you have that others don’t?

Define Your Long-Term Goals 

For your personal brand to help you professionally, it needs to fit into a bigger picture strategy. Define your long-term goals for your career. What do you hope to accomplish in the next five to 10 years? Then, determine what areas you’ll need to gain experience in or improve upon in order to get there. This will give you a sense of direction on what factors you need to most heavily highlight as you build your brand. 

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Cultivate an Online Presence

Once you know what you want your personal brand to actually be, you have to build awareness of it. Cultivate an online presence to help others learn about your brand.

Examples include:

Craft your LinkedIn profile to showcase your core values and strengths, such as by the accomplishments you highlight. 

Develop an industry-focused Twitter to highlight your expertise and passion. 

Create a professional website to host a portfolio or blog to demonstrate your skills. 

Having a strong online presence will make you more employable, as it makes you more visible to recruiters and provides a great impression to hiring managers who look you up.

Adopt Networking

Another way to build awareness of your brand is through personal interactions. Adopt networking as part of your professional strategy. Get to know other professionals, such as at industry events or even through participating in LinkedIn group or other professional social media conversations. The more you network, the more familiar others will be with you – and keep you top-of-mind if they ever hear of job openings for which you’d be a fit. 

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