Looking Back on 2019: Our TOP Management Resources

As a leading provider of hiring support in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing’s mission is to form true partnerships with our clients. We strive to understand their unique needs in order to match them with the candidates that will be the best long-term fit. Through our nearly three decades of experience in staffing and recruitment and our interactions with job seekers, we have gained valuable insight into what makes workplace teams successful. Check out our top management resources from 2019: 

Four Ways to Encourage Teamwork Within the Office

When individual employees are able to come together and each feel like true members of a team, the benefits are endless. From the impact to your company’s bottom line via increased productivity to a boost in morale that increases retention and engagement, the time spent encouraging teamwork among your employees is an investment that will pay off greatly. Learn how to encourage teamwork within the office with our practical solutions. 

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Five Uncommon Interview Questions That Will Keep Your Prospects on Their Toes 

An effective interview strategy is your best weapon to prevent against bad hires. Utilizing the same standard interview questions prevents you from uncovering valuable insights about candidates. Instead, it puts you at risk of only learning who is skilled at interviewing and telling you what you want to hear. Keep your prospects on their toes and get a more authentic glimpse into who they are by asking uncommon interview questions for which they won’t have canned responses prepared. 

Four Podcasts Every Team Leader Should Listen To 

The best leaders never stop learning and understand the benefit of gaining knowledge from experts. Making professional development a priority is key in becoming a respected leader. Podcasts are a simple way to include professional development in your day, whether you have just a few minutes or a larger window of time, such as your morning commute. Check out our recommendations for podcasts that every team leader should listen to, and start focusing on your growth.

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