Hard Skills vs Soft Skills – Why You Need Both

Regain Passion for Your Career

Spectrum Staffing is among the go-to job agencies in New Jersey for job seekers. Through our work with employers, we have been able to gain unique insight into what candidate qualifications are most desirable and can help you highlight your most marketable skills. While you may think it’s strictly your hard skills (i.e., your technical expertise and work history) that’s most important, hiring managers are also looking for soft skills, or the character traits that make you a great employee and overall asset. Check out the reasons why you need both hard and skills: 

Sets You Apart from the Competition

Consider the hiring manager’s perspective when they’re trying to decide between multiple candidates with very similar backgrounds – what makes one candidate the top choice over others with identical qualifications? The answer: soft skills. If you have in-demand soft skills, such as communication or interpersonal skills, you will set yourself apart from the competition when you share technical hard skills.

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Allows You to Be Adaptable to Changing Workplace Needs

Hard skills are crucial to be successful at your job; however, with advances in technology and changes in business demand, the nature of many job duties can quickly change or become obsolete. By having soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and motivation, you can adapt to changing workplace needs. Employees with adequate soft skills are more likely to have an open mindset to learning new hard skills, while those with hard skills only could be left behind if their expertise is no longer relevant.

Prevents Issues That Distract from Expertise

Most modern workplaces consist of people working with other people, so hard skills aren’t enough if an employee is lacking in the interpersonal soft skills that allows them to get along and work well with others. Having emotional intelligence, such as good listening, communication, empathy, self-awareness, and conflict resolution, prevents interpersonal issues in the workplace that could distract from your hard skills expertise. A highly skilled and talented individual could very well be seen as a liability if they are rude or argumentative with others. 

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