Four Ways to Promote Creativity in the Workplace

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As a top provider of staffing support in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing collaborates with hiring managers across industries to help match them with top talent. Among the most in-demand traits needed for long-term success is creativity; however, many managers don’t take the steps needed to encourage innovation within their employees. Check out these four ways to promote creativity in the workplace:

Provide a Safe Space for Risk-Taking

A major obstacle to overcome when wanting to get employees to be more creative is the fear of failure. Often, employees have ideas that come to them but they are concerned about bringing them up in the event they are not successful. If you want to promote creativity, you must provide a safe space for risk-taking. Communicate clearly that you do not want them to strive for perfection, but rather for innovation. 

Encourage Brainstorming

Another barrier to creative thinking in the workplace is simply not having a designated time in which to do so. Encourage brainstorming on a regular basis by scheduling team sessions to share ideas. Ensure everyone has a way to provide their ideas, including the less vocal employees on your staff, whose ideas may not get heard if their more assertive colleagues tend to take over meeting times. This may be in the form of a shared document or even group chat, in which everyone can submit their ideas. 

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Facilitate an Innovative Environment 

There is no set formula for creative thinking – hence the phrase “inspiration strikes” – as much as you can try to make it happen, the best ideas often come about through a culmination of factors. If you want to promote creativity in your workplace, facilitate an innovative environment. Switch up meeting locations, including occasional trips off-site, add color and personality in decor for visual stimulation, and encourage free-flowing conversation.  

Avoid Getting Caught Up in the Logistics 

Creative thinking should never be immediately combined with asking questions about logistics. If ideas are immediately shot down because they “won’t work”, employees will hold back until they have fully fleshed out plans. Avoid killing creativity before it can flourish by saving all “how?” related questions for another time and keeping brainstorming conversations strictly focused on idea generation. 

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