Seven Desk Yoga Poses You Can Try Today

As one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has placed job seekers into positions across industries. Many jobs in the modern workplace require a great deal of sitting, which actually can cause its own type of discomfort and injuries, even though they don’t require physical labor. Relieve aches and pains associated with being sedentary – check out these desk yoga poses you can try today: 

Wrist and Hands Stretch

When you’re a desk worker, the constant typing and mouse clicking can result in tension and aches in your wrists and hands. Every few hours, increase blood flow by stretching out these areas. Stretch your arms overhead and make circles with your wrists, about 5-10 times. Then, make fists and then open it and spread your fingers, and repeat about 5-10 times. 

Seated Twist

If you struggle with back pain from sitting all day, try out the seated twist. With your feet on the floor, take your right arm and place it on the opposite armrest as you twist toward your left shoulder. Breathe for five counts, then switch sides and repeat. 

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Mountain Pose

A simple, and unnoticeable, chair yoga pose you can perform during your workday is the mountain pose. It can be done either sitting or standing with your feet planted on the floor and your arms down by your sides. Straighten your back and roll your shoulders up, back, and then forward to gain a bit of peace (while working on your posture). 

Chair Pigeon Pose

Often sitting at a desk for long periods of time can result in imbalances in the spine and hips, especially if you tend to shift your weight to one side. The chair pigeon pose can realign your lower back and hips – place one foot flat on the floor, and cross the other leg at a 90-degree angle with the foot flexed for 5 to 10 breaths, then switch sides and repeat. 

Forward Fold

Boost blood flow and reduce tension throughout your body with this easy pose. While sitting or standing, simply spread your legs/knees apart, then grab the edge of your desk. Fold your torso forward until your chest is parallel to the ground, and breathe while you feel the stretch for at least five seconds (or as much as you would like).

Sit and Stand Chair Pose

The longer you sit, the less your lower body muscles, especially your hamstrings and glutes, are activated. As such, your back and neck often exhort more force when you stand up. Boost your hamstring and glute strength by sitting in your chair while pushing your heels to the floor, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Stand up slowly without using your arms, then slowly sit back down and repeat approximately five to 10 times.

Desk Plank Pose 

While plank poses are normally associated with being on the floor horizontally, you can do a modified and less conspicuous version at your desk. Stand up and position your arms at least shoulder-width apart on your desk, then step backward until your feet are aligned with your hips. Hold this pose for 5 to 10 seconds to relieve tension in your spine. 

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