Converting an Employee from Temp to Permanent – A Guide to Transition

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Spectrum Staffing offers a variety of professional services in NJ to area employers, with a common one being temporary staffing. Hiring temporary employees initially, with the option to make them permanent, lowers the risk of making bad hiring decisions since employers get to see firsthand how well these workers perform. Learn more about the process of making the transition to converting an employee from temp to permanent with this guide:

Communicate with Your Staffing Partner

Before you take any measures with your temporary employee, it’s absolutely crucial that you communicate with the staffing firm who provided you the worker. Review your contract for any necessary actions you need to take, and finalize any payments. This is especially important if you only agreed upon hiring the temporary employee without intending to make them permanent, since there may be additional fees associated with the contract you entered into with your staffing partner. 

Ensure Employees Are Onboard

Don’t just assume when you bring on temporary employees that they automatically want to become permanent. Many workers intentionally choose temporary work for the sheer flexibility and don’t want to be tied down to one employer. Ask upfront about their goals to ensure your temporary employees are onboard to become permanent before you start the process.

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Plan for Compensation Changes

A major factor to consider when converting temporary employees to permanent is compensation changes, since they will be transitioning from technically being employees of the staffing firm to now being your official employees. Discuss their new hourly pay rate or annual salary, benefits, and any other perks that will be different as a result of their change in status. If they are satisfied with the offer, then you can move forward.

Restart the Onboarding Process

The onboarding that your temporary employees received was likely either condensed or more tailored to their designation, so once they are converted to permanent, it’s time to restart the onboarding process. Go more in-depth and review any policies or procedures that may not have been relevant to them when they were brought on initially. Introduce them to the rest of their colleagues and communicate the changes in their employment so they can be welcomed in as permanent team members.

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