How Many Times Should I Follow Up After the Interview?


Spectrum Staffing, a temp agency in New Jersey, works with job seekers to place them in positions with top area employers. After landing an interview, you’re understandably excited and anxious to learn the hiring manager’s decision, but if you follow up too often or too many times, you could harm your chances by coming across as desperate. Find out more about the best practices for how many times you should follow up after an interview: 


Immediately After 

The primary opportunity to follow up with a hiring manager is immediately after the interview. Not only is it the professional and courtesy practice to do so, but it also is a prime opportunity to reiterate your interest and qualifications. Within 24 hours, you should send an email message thanking them for taking the time to meet with you and for their consideration. Briefly summarize your qualifications, and then conclude by saying you’re excited about the opportunity and are looking forward to hearing back. 

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When the “Hear by” Date Has Passed

After your interview has concluded and the hiring manager opens up the conversation for 


questions from you, ensure you ask for their expected timeline for getting back to you with a decision. This gives you a clear set of parameters on when it would be appropriate to follow up again after your initial thank you message. If the “hear by” date passes and you have not received word, then wait a day or two. Follow up again with a polite, brief message letting them know you are still interested and are wondering if there are any updates to share

After the Decision

There is one final time in which it is permissible to follow up and that is after the decision has been made. If you’ve received the job offer, then obviously you would reach out to finalize the offer and other details before starting. However, if the undesirable outcome occurs and you find out you were not chosen, you can follow up by offering to stay in touch. You can either send an email once again thanking them for the consideration and asking them to keep you in mind for future opportunities, or you can request to connect on LinkedIn – you never know what could happen down the line. 

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