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    • Stand out in a job interview

      Finding the Fast Track to Promotion

      One of the most common reasons job seekers reach out to recruitment agencies in NJ, such as Spectrum Staffing, is because they are dissatisfied with the potential for growth at their current employers. However, often the reason employees don’t receive promotions is not for lack of dedication or hard work, but because they weren’t proactive enough …

    • Building team morale

      Six Motivational Techniques for Managers

      When hiring managers turn to recruitment agencies in NJ like Spectrum Staffing, their goal is generally to utilize the expertise of our recruitment team to find the candidates who will be the best long-term assets to their organizations. Once you get top talent in the door, management styles can make or break their engagement and motivation. Unlock …

    • You win in the locker room

      Self-Reflection: Three Ways to Evaluate Your Management Style

      Spectrum Staffing has the privilege of offering professional services in NJ to employers across industries. Even if the fields of work are different, there tends to be a universal challenge of determining if the leadership approaches that are taken are effective at maximizing productivity, maintaining positive morale, and attracting and retaining top talent. The only way to …

    • Pitfalls to avoid at work

      Are You Expendable? Three Pitfalls to Avoid at Work

      Whatever your career goals are, whether looking for contract employment in NJ or trying to land a permanent job, making yourself indispensable is the key to success. Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between how you view yourself at work versus how higher-ups see you. When it comes time to hand out raises/promotions (or make cuts to …