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      Top 3 Reasons Candidates Turn Down Job Offers

      Hiring managers work with Spectrum, a top staffing agency in New Jersey, to streamline their recruitment process and find top prospective candidates. One of the most disappointing and frustrating outcomes is when a final choice is made, only to be turned down by the candidate. Understanding what candidates are looking for in prospective employers can allow …

    • Management with Simon Sinek

      Four Ways to Promote Creativity in the Workplace

      As a top provider of staffing support in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing collaborates with hiring managers across industries to help match them with top talent. Among the most in-demand traits needed for long-term success is creativity; however, many managers don’t take the steps needed to encourage innovation within their employees. Check out these four ways to …

    • Regain passion for your career

      Hard Skills vs Soft Skills – Why You Need Both

      Spectrum Staffing is among the go-to job agencies in New Jersey for job seekers. Through our work with employers, we have been able to gain unique insight into what candidate qualifications are most desirable and can help you highlight your most marketable skills. While you may think it’s strictly your hard skills (i.e., your technical expertise and …