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  • Common Myths About Recruiting Firms Debunked

    Throughout our more than 25 years as one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ, our team of recruiting specialists here at Spectrum Staffing have heard firsthand some common myths about recruiting firms. Recruiting firms offer many benefits that can make your business more successful, including saving time, making more educated hiring decisions, and reducing turnover and its associated costs. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back – view the most common myths about recruiting firms debunked.

    Myth: Recruiting firms only care about getting a candidate – any candidate – in the role.

    Truth: Recruiters are dedicated to placing the right candidate in the role, not simply filling quotas. Their success is measured by how satisfied their clients are with the provided candidates; therefore, they focus on assessing prospects on criteria specifically tailored to the employer’s needs.

    Myth: Recruiting firms only fill for temporary roles.

    Truth: Recruitment firms are able to fill a variety of needs for employers. While hiring for temporary, contract positions is a service they offer, they also recruit candidates for contract assignments, temp-to-perm, and permanent positions.

    Myth: Recruiters are like salespeople when interacting with prospects.

    Truth: recruiting firms actively look for candidates that would be an organic fit for the specific roles. They do not pitch or try to “sell” prospective candidates on the positions. Instead, they carefully evaluate candidates based on pre-determined criteria and make educated decisions on who would be most likely to be interested.

    Myth: Recruiting firms only deal with candidates who are unemployed or can’t get jobs on their own.

    Truth: Recruiting firms build and maintain a pipeline of top talent on an ongoing basis. They have a carefully cultivated pool of qualified candidates who are in demand, not undesirable.

    Myth: Recruiters don’t have specific industry expertise.

    Truth: recruiting specialists have extensive knowledge in a variety of specific industries. It is a common misconception that only general office or industrial positions are filled by recruiting firms, but they often have specific teams with experience in specialized industries, including engineering, finance, pharmaceutical, and more.

    Build a relationship with a recruiting firm you can trust to make your hiring process more streamlined and successful.  Spectrum Staffing Services is one of the top recruitment agencies in NJ and we offer a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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