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  • 3 Reasons You’re Losing Your Best Workers

    As one of the go-to recruitment agencies in NJ for area employers, Spectrum Staffing is often brought on board because hiring managers are not satisfied with the success rate of their current recruitment process. However, attracting top talent and getting them to accept your offers is just the beginning- if you don’t put effort into retaining them, you’ll waste time and money to consistently replace them and have to start the process all over again. Improve your turnover rate by learning about some reasons you’re losing your best workers:

    1. You Don’t Want Anything to Change

    When your top performers are doing what they do best and excelling in their responsibilities, complacency may inadvertently kick in on your end. If you don’t want anything to change because things are going so well, you may shortchange your best employees by not giving them the opportunities to develop new skills and grow professionally. Eventually, they may end up leaving because they think they are in a dead-end job. If you want to keep your top performers, invest in their professional development and show you care about their own career goals, not just what’s most convenient in the short term.

    2. You’re Not Flexible Enough

    Having standard policies put in place is necessary to keep your workplace efficient, but having rules for the sake of rules or keeping them in place because “it’s what we’ve always done” can cost you your best workers. Flexibility in terms of scheduling, telecommuting, or other policies is a low-cost way of keeping your team satisfied, and if you are overly rigid about considering any requests outside the status quo, they may look for another employer who will be more open-minded.

    3. You’re Not Listening

    There are generally warning signs that employees are becoming dissatisfied with their jobs, but if you’re not on the lookout, you may not realize it until it’s too late. Being receptive to feedback from your employees, as well as specifically requesting it on a regular basis, can help you learn about what they’re struggling with or what their goals or motivators are, so you can adjust your strategies accordingly and keep them on board.

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