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  • Make Your Employees 10x More Productive With These 5 Tips

    Spectrum Staffing is a leading provider of professional services in NJ and we aim to help managers staff their teams with top talent. However, even if your employees are highly skilled and have strong work ethics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are being as efficient as they could be. Help them reach their full potential-  check out these five tips to make your employees more productive:

    1. Establish a Trustworthy Relationship

    The quality of the relationship you have with your employees significantly influences their level of productivity for a few reasons. If there is mutual respect, your employees will actually want to perform well because they’ll feel like part of a team. Plus, they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns that may be affecting their productivity. To establish trust with your team, focus on open communication, showing interest in them, and not micromanaging.

    2. Offer Effective Feedback

    If your employees don’t otherwise have performance issues or problems with their work ethic, they likely have good intentions and want to be more productive but may not necessarily know how. Don’t wait until evaluation time to offer feedback – instead, prioritize consistent feedback (both strengths and areas that need improvement), given in real time. Meet regularly and ask for progress updates, and give advice on how they could better manage their workloads.

    3. Give Them a “Why”

    The key to sparking that inner fire that makes people strive to work hard and go above and beyond is having a sense of purpose. If you tell employees to perform tasks “just because”, they won’t be nearly as motivated as if you give them a “why.” Talk to your team about why their work is important, how it contributes to the company’s goals or overall mission, and how much their work is valued.

    4. Improve Company Culture

    Hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive – in fact, if your workplace has a positive culture, your employees will be more productive. Company culture influences the overall morale in the workplace. If employees are stressed, don’t feel valued, or don’t have a sense of camaraderie, they won’t have the drive to be productive. Ways to improve company culture include: hosting more team events, recognizing achievements, being flexible, and acknowledging your employees’ life events, like graduations, births, deaths in the family, etc.

    5. Have Them Work Less

    Encourage your employees to take their allotted time off, including lunch breaks and vacation time. Working for longer amounts of time backfires when it comes to productivity because they will become mentally fatigued, lose focus, and be more prone to mistakes. Set a positive example by taking regular breaks and disconnecting when you’re using your paid time off.

    Find hard working, skilled candidates with the help of Spectrum Staffing. We have been offering professional services in NJ for more than 25 years. Our mission is to truly understand our clients’ needs so we can provide the employment services that are the best fit. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and business services.

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