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  • 2 Changes To Make To Your Resume That’ll Help It Get Noticed

    As one of the go-to recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing’s mission is to partner with job seekers and help them accomplish their professional goals. Through our work with matching candidates to employers with available positions, we are able to utilize our direct knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for in candidates and pass that expertise along. Many otherwise qualified candidates may find themselves being passed over for jobs because their resume isn’t effectively portraying their skills -here are two changes to make to your resume that’ll help get it noticed: 

    1. Replace Buzzwords with Actionable Ones

    Buzzwords are those keywords and phrases that are so commonly used by candidates that they become cliché and don’t end up actually telling the hiring manager anything unique about your qualifications. Upgrade your resume to be more appealing by scanning it for buzzwords and replacing them with actionable verbs that describe what you accomplished.  

    Examples of buzzwords to avoid on your resume include:  

    • Go-getter 
    • Results-driven 
    • Team player 
    • Hard worker 
    • Creative 

    These are ineffective because they don’t really prove anything –  just because a candidate describe themselves a certain way doesn’t make it true. Instead, opt for using actionable language that displays these qualities. So rather than saying that you’re creative, describe new ideas or processes you developed and implemented. This makes it clear to the hiring manager reviewing your resume that you’re not all talk.  

    2. Add Metrics to Quantify Accomplishments

    Perhaps nothing captures a hiring manager’s attention more on a resume than numbers or other metrics. Consider their perspective: when they’re hiring for a particular role, most candidates will have similar work histories, so simply reading a list of bullet points about their job responsibilities only communicates what they were supposed to do – but not how well they did it.  

    To get your resume noticed more, add metrics to quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. For example, rather than saying you were responsible for providing customer service, you could include your satisfactory rating from customer service feedback surveys as a way to objectively prove your performance.  

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