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  • When Do You Know When It’s Time To Hire? 4 Signs That It’s Time

    As one of the top providers of professional services in NJ, Spectrum Staffing works with employers to assist them with their hiring needs. While some employers have a clear idea in mind of what those specific needs are, many others are not quite sure of their optimal staffing levels. Not sure if you need to bring more workers onboard? 

    Four Signs it’s Time to Hire More Employees

    1. Staff Can’t Keep Pace with Current Workload

    Your staffing levels should align with the amount of demand from customers. If your staff can’t keep pace with the current workload, and it doesn’t show signs of only being a temporary increase, you may need to bring more employees onboard or else risk customer dissatisfaction or loss of profits. 

    2. Overtime is Becoming Commonplace

    While sometimes working extra hours is necessary, it is not sustainable long term for your staff and they could end up burning out. Look at how commonplace overtime is becoming for your team – if it’s on the rise with no end in sight, it may be in your best interests to bring in more workers. 

    3.  You’re Taking on Low-Level Tasks

    There is nothing wrong with management doing their part and contributing alongside their employees during busy times – in fact, it is commendable. However, if you’re taking on low-level tasks on a regular basis out of necessity, it isn’t the best use of your time. Hiring more employees will be beneficial so you can free up your time, which ideally should be spent on higher priority responsibilities that generate income.  

    4. Mistakes Are More Prevalent

    No matter how hardworking and skilled your staff is, they are still only human. If they are stretched too thin and covering too much work for not enough workers, they may end up making errors. If mistakes become more prevalent, and there are no other performance or motivation issues at play, that’s a sign that more employees are needed on staff to share in the workload. 

    Streamline the hiring process and attract top talent with the help of Spectrum Staffing. We are among the most experienced providers of professional services in NJ with more than 25 years of experience. Our focus is on gaining a thorough understanding of what our clients need so we can successfully assess candidates for an optimal fit. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and business services. 

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