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  • Why Humility Is A Leadership Quality You Need to Master

    Spectrum Staffing is among the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ and we have had the privilege of working with countless managers across industries with their hiring and other business needs. Those in leadership positions strive to be as effective as possible, which is a common reason they partner with a staffing firm – it’s a way to save time and money while being confident they are receiving expert recommendations. Although self-confidence is a major component of being a great leader, there is one seemingly paradoxical trait that also contributes: humility. Learn more about why humility is a leadership quality you need to master:  

    Employees Will Deem You More Trustworthy

    Leaders who demonstrate humility are more likely to come across as honest, such as being comfortable admitting their shortcomings and giving credit to others where it is due. In turn, this makes employees more likely to deem you as trustworthy and become more engaged and loyal.  

    It Makes You More Likeable

    Leaders who come across as arrogant and lacking humility are quite frankly not very appealing to others, personality-wise. If you make it a point to become more humble, employees will find you more likeable and respect your authority, rather than getting frustrated or just rolling their eyes and not taking you seriously. 

    You’ll Listen More Effectively

    The best leaders know that being intentional about exposing themselves to a variety of perspectives is the key to innovation. If you think you already have all the answers, you won’t listen effectively and you’ll miss out on learning things from other people that could inspire you and make your company better. Cultivate a sense of humility and accepting that others may have better ideas or solutions and being open to hearing their insights. 

    You’ll Better Overcome Adversity

    Making mistakes and bouncing back from failures is a crucial aspect of leadership. Leaders who have developed humility are better able to overcome adversity because they are willing to remove their ego from the situation and truly assess it through an objective viewpoint. Rather than placing blame, they can evaluate what went wrong and what they can do differently going forward to learn and grow, versus repeating their mistakes in the future. 

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