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  • 2 Ways To Stand Out In A Job Interview

    Spectrum Staffing helps job seekers find opportunities that meet their career goals, such as contract employment in NJ and more. Along with writing an informative and compelling resume, acing the interview is the most essential part of the job search process. No matter how qualified you may be, it can be difficult to be memorable when you’re competing against other candidates with similar backgrounds and skillsets.

    Two Ways to Stand Out in a Job Interview

     Tell Your Story – Beyond the Resume

    Hiring managers don’t necessarily always remember all the qualifications and resumes – the candidates who truly make a compelling and lasting impression are those who shared their unique story. It’s not about having a particularly noteworthy career trajectory, but rather conveying the details that make your story your own.

    You can achieve this in a job interview and help stand out from other candidates by supporting your interview answers with specific stories from your previous work experience. Another way to tell your professional story is when responding to the “Tell us about yourself” question. Craft your response in a narrative framework, with a beginning (what led you to pursue the field you’re in), middle (how you worked your way up), and end (what made you apply to the position for which you’re interviewing). The more details that personal or unique that you can add, the better!

    Establish Rapport and Help Guide the Conversation

    Although a job interview may seem like it’s a passive situation for you as the candidate, it doesn’t need to consist of the interviewer throwing questions at you that you answer and then wait for the next one. Although the interview certainly (and rightfully so) should steer the interaction, you can stand out from other candidates by establishing rapport and being an active participant who helps guide the conversation.

    To connect on a more personal level with your interviewer, observe their overall tone and conversational style and then adjust yours to match theirs. This doesn’t mean to not act like yourself, but if your interviewer is more casual and lighthearted, you can be more relaxed as well. You can also make the interview more conversational by asking questions throughout as they flow naturally, rather than holding them until the end.

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