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  • The Key to Using Your Mobile Device Less…to Maintain Your Sanity

    Spectrum Staffing is among the most experienced recruitment agencies in NJ and has been working with hiring managers for more than 25 years to save them time and stress by delegating the time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process. As technology has increased the level of automation, it has significantly increased productivity – mobile devices make you able to work from anywhere at any time. However, this flexibility and constant accessibility come at a cost – constant disruptions that make it difficult to focus on important tasks or take much-needed breaks.

    Maintain Your Sanity and Start Using Your Mobile Device Less

    Get Specific on Usage Goals

    Just like when setting any other professional goal, the key to achievement is to avoid being vague. Rather than simply setting a goal of “using my phone less”, actually get specific on your usage goals. For example, do you want to stop checking email on your phone in the evenings? The more clearly you define how you ideally want to use your mobile device, the more likely you will be able to succeed.

     Figure Out Your Triggers

    Consider the instances when you are most likely to overuse your mobile device. Whether it’s specific activities that cause you to automatically look at your device or particular apps that suck up your time, being aware of them can help you recognize what solutions would work best to address them. For example, if you tend to get a late start to the day because you look at your device first thing in the morning and get distracted, avoid using it as an alarm and keep it elsewhere until designated break time.

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     Delete Automatic Notifications

    If you have your mobile device set to automatically notify you every time you have a new work email or social media message, it can be tempting to just “quickly check” – however, that can send you down the rabbit hole of distraction. To keep a clear work-life balance and release the grip you have on your mobile devices, delete automatic notifications. This way, you intentionally choose when to check-in, rather than a looming notification tempting you.

     Set Limits

    Make your mobile device work for you, in terms of using it less, by utilizing its functionality to set limits. When you decide to get on your device, determine the amount of time you want to spend on the task at hand, and then set an alarm. You can also use the functionality to prevent being too tied to your device, such as turning it on “do not disturb mode”, setting up an auto-responder when you’re unavailable, or installing apps that track your time or give you reminders if you’re approaching overusage.

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